Friday 26 January 2018

Oink game promotional comic July 1987

When the Oink computer game was released the July 1987 issue of Crash magazine included a 16 page special edition of the comic as a promotional item. I've not seen this for years (I bet a lot of people haven't) so here's a scan of the one I found in the loft this week.

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  1. Hi Mel, I tried posting a comment before but it didn't work, so here we go again...

    This was a strange one to contribute to. The game totally changed the characters so we had to adapt these odd versions of our own creations! Tom Thug driving a 'Thugmobile' and fighting zombies? I decided it could only be a nightmare. Pete's Pimple flying off on its own? Well, it worked I guess. I did have fun drawing those pages though!

    We also did another comic separate from the regular Oink! run; a "Smokebusters Special" which was full of anti-smoking strips. Also fun to do, especially drawing Tom choking on his fags.