Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mighty World Of Marvel Poster

Back in December 1972 issue 10 of the Mighty World Of Marvel previewed the poster that was available to all readers willing to cut their comics up and send in the tokens.

(this image taken from 'Kid' Robson's blog page)

There was no way I was cutting up those comics and I couldn't afford to buy two copies so the only solution was to draw my own version.

I think it came out quite well!
I also did my own version of two other mini posters that the comic featured…

Take a look at 'Kid' Robson's blog for more information on The Mighty World Of Marvel comics (thanks Kid for prompting me to get in the loft and find these things).


  1. Pretty durn good for a mere lad, Mel. What age were you at the time? (I like the T-shirt as well.) One thing, 'though - you should have changed 'mini' to 'maxi' when you enlarged the other two. Great that you kept them.

  2. Thanks Kid. I was fourteen when I drew them. Stan Lee liked the T-shirt as well when I met him at last February's London Super Comic Con (photo on my Mel Horton Flickr page).

  3. Took a look, Mel - some great photos. And what a way to meet the babes, eh?

  4. Great drawings Mel! I have that poster (still hangs on my spare bedroom wall). What colours did you use? Doesn't look like felt pen.
    Re- the mini-posters, I scanned them and printed on A4 glossy paper and framed the first few. I think there was 11 alltogether.

    1. Hi John, Sorry for the delay in answering, I don't get notifications of reply's to comments anymore. I had a set of poster paints in jars which i used on these (and also on some pages of one of my Terrific's which I now regret).