Sunday, 8 August 2010

Latest "Reviews from the floor of 64" (#29)

The latest issue of Paul Ware's "Reviews from the floor of 64" (#29) is now available directly from him at this address
"Reviews from the floor of 64"
Farm Cottage
Lower Cote
West Yorkshire HD6 3QN
…or on ebay
… or, if you live in Leeds, in the shops "Travelling Man" and "OK Comics".

These fanzines concentrate (though not exclusively) on the Power Comics "Fantastic" and "Terrific" published in the UK in the late sixties. These comics featured reprints of Marvel comics stories and for people my age were our introduction to the Marvel universe of superheroes.

The fanzines highlight the editorial changes made to the stories for the UK market and are hugely entertaining, humorous and informative. If you remember the original comics or have an interest in Marvel these fanzines are well worth a look.

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