Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ivor Cutler

On Friday 24th November 1978 I had the good fortune to attend a gig by Ivor Cutler at Wolverhampton University.

According to this poster it was free admission although I have no recollection of that fact. What I do remember though is after the gig asking Ivor to do "One of his drawings" and this is what he did.

A treasured reminder of a great man.

If you've not heard any of Ivors work, do a search on you tube. Personal favourites are

  • "A wooden tree"
  • "Fremsley"
  • "I believe in bugs"
  • "Go and sit upon the grass"
  • "Barabadabada" (this is the theme tune to the BBC tv show "The Old Guys")

... and many many more.

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